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The Benefits of Carbon Cleaning Your Engine



Lower future risk of maintenance costs & potentially expensive engine related issues.

A Carbon Clean can improve your vehicles performance all round in addition to making those engine problems that pop up at the wrong time a thing of the past.


Improves Fuel Efficiency & Power


Improving your MPG from every tank becomes an accumulative saving throughout the year. KN Carbon Cleaning can be as kind to your wallet as it is to the engine & the environment.


Lower Emissions

Carbon Cleaning also reduces the harmful gases that your vehicle emits into the atmosphere. So a carbon clean also gives peace of mind knowing that you have taken action to lower your carbon footprint.

What is Carbon Cleaning?

Over time a vehicles combustion engine builds up a number of internal deposits such as carbon, tars, gums and so on. 

With the accumulation of these deposits the engines performance, power, efficiency & emissions can be greatly affected.

A thorough Carbon Cleaning can remove the number of engine performance hindering deposits built up over time giving many instant engine benefits. Generally on average you should be able to save up to 15% on fuel costs, 70% reduction in harmful emissions & up to a 20% reduction in engine noise.

Overall a professional carbon clean can result in huge savings & overall just a few weeks on the fuel savings alone certainly pays for itself.


With the importance of emissions tests now put on vehicle it is highly recommended that a carbon clean is done before an emissions test which has become much more strict throughout the years.


Other benefits include

  • No Costly Dismantling of Parts

  • Immediate Results

  • Revitalises Entire Inlet System

  • Smoother, Powerful Performance

  • Reduced Fuel Cost

  • Restores Lost Horse Power

  • Enhanced Driving Experience

  • Restores Torque

  • Less Maintence Required

  • Less Vibration

  • Quieter Engine

Why KN Carbon


KN Carbon Cleaning will always go the extra mile to ensure all hard to reach components of your vehicles engine are

thoroughly cleaned throughout during the carbon cleaning process to ensure the many benefits above can be seen and felt in your engines performance.


Our genuine service with a smile will definitely pay for itself when you feel that power that was lost now restored in your motor.

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